About MuscleDB

The Hughes (UMSL) and Esser (Univ. of Kentucky School of Medicine) labs are assembling a database of muscle tissue gene expression in mice. Our purpose is to survey the diversity of transcription in skeletal muscle (with exemplar smooth and cardiac muscles for comparison), and provide a resource for the field as a whole.

In this repository, we’re developing a web-based platform to explore, visualize, and share these data build on a Shiny dashboard.

  • If you’ve noticed any technical errors or enhancements to this webpage, please submit an issue.

  • If you want to help us understand which muscle types would be most useful to you, please vote for your preferred tissues here.

  • If there are any compelling reasons you’d like us to consider your favorite tissues, please email muscle.database@gmail.com

Citing MuscleDB

Anyone is welcome to freely use and adapt both the raw data as well as the Shiny code used to generate the site and data visualizations under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. We do ask that you cite MuscleDB by Laura D. Hughes, Karyn Esser, and Michael E. Hughes.